Poem: Misery


Hey you, there in the mirror.

What do you see?

Can you see me?

Do you see me whole?


I see nothing, at all.

There is someone standing and about to fall.

Here I stand with no heart, no mind.

What happened to love.


I coffee my way up in the morning,

a one true company.

I abide by pen and paper.

To describe this agony.


Where is everybody.

Where is the world.

Where is my sanity.

When will I fall.


Walls, please don't keep my standing.

I will pass right through you.

Hit my head once again.

Just too see if I can forget.


I have forgotten about the life

that surrounds my lonely being.

You in the mirror, please stay.

I have a lot of  things to tell you.


Nothing but a dream.

No one to listen, no one to see.

Nothing to care for, not enough to be free.

I'm free from it all, except misery.

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